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When anxiety is especially high or procedures are especially complex, performing dental work under sedation can be ideal.

What is hospital and sleep dentistry?

Quite simply, it’s having your dental procedures performed under sedation in a hospital setting. This is an especially helpful way to deliver much-needed tooth care to patients with special needs, children and adults who cannot tolerate sitting still for long periods, or the elderly.

Sleep dentistry can remove barriers for patients who have avoided dental care for many years and is a good solution for those with severe anxiety and those who need extensive, complex dental work. Other benefits include:


We can perform multiple procedures during a single appointment, all under sedation.


Our compassionate team takes special care to ensure your visit is as pain- and hassle-free as possible.


The level of sedation can be adjusted to suit your treatments needs and comfort level.

I needed extensive dental work done and, after scheduling my appointment, many times I just about cancelled. But I walked into that office and the staff were all very kind and reassured me that I was in the right place. After my exam, Dr. Dickes was open and honest with me in a very kind, professional manner. He told me he would come up with a plan and take it step-by-step. We’ve come a long way with that plan, and Dr. Dickes has done an amazing job! It feels so good to smile again.

Janice K.

Dr. Dickes and his staff did a great job with my son. They created a welcoming, fun environment and always made sure that he felt comfortable.


I haven’t had a proper exam or cleaning in about six years and I have always been scared of the dentist. The staff at Premiere Hospital & Sleep Dentistry was absolutely wonderful and I felt like we were longtime friends, rather than just being a patient. They walked me through everything they were doing and continued to make sure I was comfortable. They took the time to go pricing/insurance information so that I knew what to expect.


Our Partners

Finding out if you’re a candidate for hospital and sleep dentistry is as easy as visiting one of our general dentistry practices. We have several locations in hometowns spanning eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota. The dentist in one of our local practices will evaluate your needs and, if you are a fit for sleep dentistry, they will refer you to Dr. Dickes and Premier Hospital & Sleep Dentistry of South Dakota.


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