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Our experienced dentists have empathy for anxiety and other special circumstances, and because they do, we designed our sleep and hospital dentistry as an alternative to a typical dental visit. We thoroughly explain exactly what dental procedures you are having, why it’s needed, and what to expect from each one. We will always take the time to answer your questions.

Dr. Christopher Dickes, Dentist

My name is Dr. Christopher Dickes: I graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in 2005. Directly following dental school, I served four years in the U.S Navy onboard the aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, CVN 76. I was honorably discharged in 2009 and immediately began practicing dentistry in the metropolitan area of Dayton, OH while my wife was completing her medical school training. After spending two years in Dayton, my wife and I moved back to our home state of South Dakota where I worked for four years serving patients in South Dakota’s prison and its human services center. From there, I started my own private practice, which includes providing dental care in a hospital setting for those who struggle with conventional dental care. With the help and support of my family, staff, and dental health partners, I have been able to expand my services to Yankton, Sioux Falls, and the Huron area.

Demetri Sengos, Dental Hygienist and Director

My father left his native country of Greece with nothing more than a strong desire to succeed. Once in the United States, he worked in a packing house where he learned enough English to start a successful restaurant. My parents taught me that through hard work, patience, and perseverance, anything is possible.

I relied on these lessons during my dental hygiene schooling. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of South Dakota in 2002. It was in this capacity that I first experienced the professional satisfaction of being part of a collaborative effort to improve the lives of our patients. Through my work, I have gained extensive experience in patient care and how dental offices function.

During my upbringing, my parents would frequently recount to me the hardships they faced in a new country where they were unfamiliar with the customs and the language. Their first-hand perspective has given me a unique insight into the difficulties faced by those with limited access to dental care. My combined professional experience in private, public, education and now administrative work have provided me with countless experiences that have deepened my desire to continue helping demographics. It’s been a pleasure working alongside Dr. Dickes as he shares the same mentality and drive that I do. He truly cares about everyone!

When I’m not practicing dentistry, I can be found spending time with my wife, children, and friends. I enjoy archery hunting and coaching/mentoring kids through wrestling and soccer.

Jenny DeJong, Dental Hygienist and Clinical Coordinator

I grew up on a farm and attended high school in Wagner, SD. I graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene and a minor in Health Science. I began my career with Dr. Dickes in his Yanton office where I worked as a dental hygienist who balanced chair-side assisting with front office duties. I later obtained hospital privileges at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital. I quickly realized how demanding certain dental cases were, yet how rewarding at the same time.

I now work from our Sioux Falls location as a full-time dental hygienist, and, when necessary, I get to assist with dental procedures at Avera McKennan and Sanford Health. My favorite part of my job is helping patients improve their oral health and boost their self-confidence.

In my spare time, I enjoy visiting Wagner to catch up with my family and friends and to spend time on the river boating and relaxing!

Janelle Bridges, Clinic and Treatment Coordinator

Our Partners

Finding out if you’re a candidate for hospital and sleep dentistry is as easy as visiting one of our general dentistry practices. We have several locations in hometowns spanning eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota. The dentist in one of our local practices will evaluate your needs and, if you are a fit for sleep dentistry, they will refer you to Dr. Dickes and Premier Hospital & Sleep Dentistry.


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