General Anesthesia

For patients with severe difficulty undergoing dental treatment, our dentists may suggest general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Unlike other forms of anesthesia, general anesthesia puts the patient into a complete sleeping state. It is administered through a mask or IV. While the anesthesia is working, you will be unconscious and closely monitored by the anesthesia team. Once your dental treatment is complete, the medication will be reversed and you will return to consciousness. This allows our dentists to perform multiple procedures at one time, eliminating the need for multiple visits. Patients who need invasive procedures can also benefit from general anesthesia.

Who is a good candidate for general anesthesia?

  • A child that cannot relax or calm down enough to receive dental treatment safely in a normal setting
  • Patients with emotional and behavioral struggles that make dental treatment difficult
  • Patients who need extensive dental work performed in a single visit
  • Patients with special needs or a disability that limits their ability to understand or comply with directions to safely sit and receive dental treatment

What can I expect when undergoing general anesthesia?

When you arrive for your appointment, our dental team and hospital staff will meet with you to review your dental treatment and general anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has been administered, our dentist will begin treatment, allowing you to wake up when all procedures are completed. It is very important that you have someone take you to and bring you home from your appointment, as you will be unable to drive. You will be provided with detailed instructions about eating and drinking before and after your procedure, as well as instructions on post-operative care following treatment. Please follow these instructions as closely as possible.